Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Day of Joy: The Royal Wedding

Well, what a day yesterday was.

There was so much hype leading up to the Royal Wedding, but nothing could have prepared us for the thrill of the actual event. Now that the coaches are off the streets and the hats have all been put away, let’s take a look back on some of the day’s best moments.

The Arrival of the Most Glam Guests: David and Victoria Beckham

Ponytails are in, girls!!

If you’ve read my previous blog entries, you know that I was pretty excited to see Posh and Becks, and being the fantastically in vogue couple that they are, they didn’t disappoint. Never has a man looked so good in a morning suit and cravat, and the pregnant Posh definitely lived up to her nickname in a fabulous Philip Treacy hat and a sensational dress from her own collection. As for the mini-Posh on the way, she’s already got that Beckham star power. She’s been to the wedding of the century, and she hasn’t even been born yet.

Kate’s Arrival

The exact definition of breathtaking.

So much has been made of the fact that Kate went into that church a commoner and came out a princess. That may technically be true, but look at her – she radiated royalty long before she and William were pronounced man and wife. Everything about her was sheer perfection: the flowers (which included some ‘Sweet William’), her hair, her makeup (which she did herself), those earrings, that dress -

I mean, look at that dress!!!

And can we discuss the fact that the Cartier tiara she was wearing was a loaner from the Queen’s personal collection?

If her drive to the church and her four minute walk down the aisle didn’t bring a tear to your eye, I’m sure William’s whispering, “You look beautiful” must have.

She truly is a princess. What a couple they make.

The Balcony Appearance

All morning, the buzz on every station was about the couple’s impending balcony appearance, and the expectation that they would share their first kiss for the public there. The first kiss was adorable and sweet; the second made history.

Kate’s “Oh, wow,” reaction to the crowd made her even more endearing, if possible. William’s holding her hand on the way back inside showed just what a cute couple they are. And what I found particularly enjoyable about the balcony moment was that we got to see the blending of the Royal Family with the Middleton family. I mean, check out Pippa chatting it up with Prince Philip! Don’t you wonder what they’re talking about?

The Aston Martin Ride

If you watched any of the day’s coverage, you know that every second of the celebration was scheduled down to the minute. 5:10 – Princes William and Harry would leave Clarence House. 5:51 – Kate and her father would depart from the Goring Hotel. After the balcony appearance, the kiss, and the flyover by the Royal Air Force, it seemed that the day’s televised events had ended. Most stations had even stopped their coverage. No one expected that after the Queen’s luncheon, the newly wedded couple would make a very public, very Will and Kate exit – in Prince Charles’ Aston Martin, streaming with balloons, tin cans, and a “Just Wed” plate. 

Post-Wedding Tidbits

We all know that feeling of going to a concert and cheering for an encore. We’re completely excited when the band reemerges, but also a little bit sad that the night we’ve been waiting for is about to end. Still, those last three songs that the band plays make for the perfect ending to the perfect show. That’s sort of what it was like seeing the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge heading off to their evening reception.

How beautiful is Kate in this dress? And how dapper is Prince William in his tux?

For those of us with Royal Wedding Fever, there was one last treat waiting for us when we woke up this morning: the image of Will and Kate leaving Buckingham palace hand-in-hand.

Love those wedges!

And so the event we’ve been waiting for since November is now over, and there’s nothing left to do but wish the newly married couple all the happiness in the world – because when it comes right down to it, that’s what yesterday was all about. The reason that one third of the world’s population tuned in was not to see a carriage ride or a commoner’s transformation into a princess. It was because it’s just nice to see two people happy and in love. It’s nice to see how the joy of one couple can bring joy to the millions lining the streets and to the two billion watching across the globe. It’s nice that a truly blissful event can make history. And if that doesn’t make you smile, what can?


  1. Totally agree! I loved every second of the day - it couldn't have been more perfect! And you are absolutely right - the best part of the whole event was that they are truly in love and it was infectious!

  2. While I didn't catch any of the live action, I loved the fashion and pomp from the pictures and the recaps later. My unsolicited comments are:

    LOVED Posh's dress. Her hat? I didn't get it. But then again, it was a day of confusing hats, in my opinion. I guess as a nation, Americans don't sport a lot of fine hats, since the whole thing looked completely foreign to me. But, with all of the crusty looking baseball caps over here, maybe we should start. Is there a milliner in the house?!

    How charming is that sly smile with a raised eyebrow that Kate flashed back to Pippa? Totally a sisters look. Loved it. Oh, and Pippa was a knock out too. Those Middletons have great genes.

    And finally, I liked her wedding gown, but I was drooling over her after-party "shorter" number with the cashmere cardigan. Add it to my wish list! (Oh, and in the Diana vs. Kate dress discussion, I think Kate is the clear winner here. Sorry Di!)